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My wedding packages start at 1,500 for basic wedding coverage. On average, with a second shooter and full coverage, the average wedding will cost between 2,300 and 3,000. All of our packages include a free consultation, engagement photoshoot, raw file storage, access to an online gallery of images, and a minimum of 600 photos delivered within three months of the wedding. But there are always options for additional add-ons, like a photobooths, photo albums, and some extra prints!

Elopement packages for a small, family-oriented ceremonies start at 499 for four hours of coverage, including a free engagement session!

The engagement photoshoot is the perfect opportunity for us to learn a bit more about each other before the wedding day! In my experience, these small photoshoots have been invaluable for us to get to know how we work together to create something beautiful. Within one month, you'll have 30 photos that we use to create a slideshow for the wedding reception and have a little something extra that you can use for the invitations.

The free engagement photoshoot includes one location in the Vancouver area and two outfits, but we can always travel a little bit further for an additional cost. Contact us below to find out more!

I get it, budgets are tight and weddings are not cheap!  But the second photographer is an absolute treasure on your wedding day. We work with some of the best, which means we get more ideas, more flexibility, more angles, more security, and way more photos! Having a second photographer means nothing gets missed, but also that there's more time to spend with the bride, groom and their families as they're getting ready for the big day. The second photographers also help keep everything on time and rolling smoothly, since this is the only way the photographer can be in two places at once!

Having a second photographer is a great way to ensure peace of mind — a very precious resource during a busy day with so many moving parts.

As an added bonus when you hire a second photographer, we'll add in an extra pack of Polaroids and two extra rolls of film!

St. Laurent Photography specializes in reportage-style photography. I learned photography through journalism, and love this style of candid, unposed photography that captures the day as it naturally unfolds. This means I'm not going to pose you, but I'll direct you into the best light, and capture your natural reactions.

During the reception and the ceremony, I'm doing everything I can to make sure I'm not a distraction for the audience.  While there are times that I have to be in the way, I try to keep those as minimal as possible so everyone gets to bring home some memories of their own. 

We take a lot of our inspiration from classic film stocks and colour grading! As photographers who love shooting and developing their own analog film, we love emulating the look and feel that made film so magical. In every-day terms, we typically edit with a "dark and moody" high-contrast style with rich, warm images and classic grain emulation. When making photo albums, we're obsessed with the look, feel, and quality of an uncoated matte paper stock that gives a unique texture to every image.

Book a meeting with us today to learn more about our experience and to take a look through our prints and albums!

Typically, we should expect to spend about an hour and a half at a park with the bridal party and groomsmen, plus the travel time. While we don't typically need all of this time to get the shots, it's always best to plan for a couple of mishaps and left-behind bouquets.

This is also a chance to rest and get away from the madness for just a short amount of time ⁠— and if you plan a bit more than we need it'll give you peace of mind when things take a little longer than expected.

It gets hot out there, so make sure to bring some water and any extra props or drinks you'd like to include in your photos! The more personal, the better :).

Wedding albums are our favourite products! After we deliver the photos to you, we can discuss what type of shots you'd like to preserve in an album. Some people love seeing the chaos, some prefer seeing more of the serene, beautiful moments happening around themselves. We can tailor the album to your needs, and make additional, smaller albums for parents. 

We love making rich matte flat lay style albums that show off your photos like the gorgeous artwork they are, but we're also open to other options, such as leather-bound prints, glossy paper stocks, crystal lining, and everything in between.

Couples photography packages start at $150 for a 1-hour session in Vancouver. These photoshoots are light-hearted, and a fun way to celebrate your love! Every couple goes home with 30+ photos from the shoot, a custom gif, and has access to an online gallery for six months. But the best part is, everyone who books an engagement photoshoot will receive a $150 future credit on any wedding or elopement package! 

We can also help print and frame large-format photos, design holiday/special occasion cards, or photo albums from our sessions.


While we specialize in weddings, we also do corporate photography/videography, family, maternity, headshots, events, promotional videos, interviews, documentation, and more!

Contact us to find out how we can help!


Je suis désolé, mais bien que je pratique mon français tous les jours, je ne parle pas encore couramment.

Heck yeah we do!

  • The cheapest way to Europe is almost always through Paris! From there, you can fly a discount airline like Ryanair for like, $60 each. Check Google Flights to see the best days and times to fly side by side!
  • Keep the corsage away until the very last minute — those things can die super quick.
  • Make sure the best man knows how to untie the knot you're using to hold the rings before the wedding, otherwise it can take an agonizing and awkward amount of minutes to get those things ready for you.
  • If you want some Polaroids taken at your wedding, just ask which camera I'm using that day (almost always an SX-70), and you can purchase a pack or two for me. Otherwise, I can add on a couple of packs for a bit extra.
  • When in doubt, bring snacks
  • Sometimes, my wedding and engagement photoshoot packages go on sale! Spring and winter weddings are typically 15% off the regular price.
  • If the reception space doesn't allow you to bring your own food, always try their options before putting down a deposit on a space!
  • I'm a sucker for nature, so if you've got some sweet spot you've been eyeing up in a national park, I might just give a discount on additional travel fees 😉
  • If you have a dog, I want to meet them! There's nothing better than adding a furry little buddy to a photoshoot.
  • If you want your photo taken without your glasses, make sure they're taken off at least 10 minutes before the photo is taken, that way the red marks around your nose will go back to their natural colour.
  • Let us know the stories behind some of the pieces you include in your wedding outfit, and we'll make sure to capture them in a way that really shows the pieces that mean something to you!
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